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Thread: New Iphone Is About To Come Out

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    Exclamation New Iphone Is About To Come Out
    I was about to look for cases for the iPhone when i ran across this page:
    notice the "shop_by_type" go to the page using Safri or Fire fox and look at the top is says "The Apple Store (U.S.) - Shop by iPhone type" This is New it was not like this yesterday. (today is Thursday, August 2, 2007) This means apple is getting the site ready for more iPhone models. You can currently get to this page by following the link above or by going to the apple store and clicking on "Accessorize your iPhone."

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    well I hope its a 3g iPhone


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    im thinking its talking about type as in a 4gig or a 8gig... iphone...

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    Both are the same size (dimension's, not memory) so there is no need for clarification's. When you are shopping by iPod type you select the generation of the iPod if it is a nano or shuffle. All of those are different models. Apple would only change something like this if a new "type" or "model" is right around the corner. Look how fast there iPod models came out i believe apple came out with 10 different models in about 6 years. (correct me if i am wrong) They are updating the hard ware in the computers and other products just as quick. Apple is about choice. I would not be surprised if the released a new model sometime before the end of December. Go to:
    It says:
    I went by one of the stores yesterday and inquired about using my corporate discount on the phone and the service and was told it did not apply to the current model.

    I asked the salesman what model it did apply to and he informed me that Apple is planning to offer a business model out very soon.

    He did not have any other details other than the new model would be made with business person in mind.

    This is nice to know but I believe Apple killed their own sales projection and the stock by not allowing corporate discounts on the service at the very least.

    Most consumers see new models such as this after companies buy there employees new phones as a moral booster. The employee then takes it home show the wife and kids who want it and so on and so on.

    By not allowing corporate users a discount on the service many companies are refusing to buy the phones including me.

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    I dunno.. But I heard a 20 gig is supposed to release real fast. For all of us that bought 8 gigs.. lol. Gotta go buy another phone.
    If they make it in high gloss black or flat black... I want it
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    i could care less about the 20gb i have an 80gb video ipod, but a business geared iphone id be all over

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    If this is true, I would be so pissed. Hopefully, it will come out in a month so I can do an exchange. F apple.

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    That would suck for us that already have one, aint like u can just return it and get another one.

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    I'm sure EVERYONE here realizes that the release of an 8gig and 4gig was a market test. At least I hope people relized it.

    You have to ask yourself, Why would a company work so hard to build up the internal storage capacity on their #1 selling product to a whopping 80Gig then release a huge marketing item at a low level of 4 or 8gig? Trust me, the fact that the iPod is a HDD and the iPhone is flash means nothing. Flash memory has increased capacity exponentially. 8g flash is NOTHING now. For those 2 or 3 people who didn't see this coming here are the basics in Apple marketing. (Brilliant BTW!)

    Step 1: Advertise like there's no tomorrow 4 months in advance to be exact.

    Step 2: Release "lower level" product. Something good enough to WOW the masses but not so good that it can't be improved on.

    Step 3: Release a few updates to show the couple people that aren't happy with the iPhone that better things are coming, hang in there. This also keeps the fan happy AND shows the people out there that didn't buy one that it's only getting better & they can feel free to jump on the band wagon because the updates are free and easy.

    Step 4: after sales have sloped to the lowest point release a product WAY better than the 1st. Perhaps even release it near a busy shopping holiday (hmm..can you think of any busy shopping holiday coming up, maybe something involving a jolly fat man). The fans will buy the next greatest thing, those who didn't buy 1 the first time are now saying "ok, they got the bugs out, I'll buy one" so it'll rocket the sales back up. But again, not too great of a product. You need to leave room for improvement.

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    If it were cheaper, I'd take an iPhone with LESS flash, 1Gb would be plenty for me. Amazing as it seems, some people just want this to be a killer phone, and really don't care to use it as an iPod. I don't have a single song on mine (except my ringtones), don't use mail, and haven't synced any photo libraries.

    Games, though, are another story. LOL

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    8 gig is enough for me

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    I can't imagine them releasing something so soon when they cab squeeze out more sales of the current models simply doing updates every 4 months or so. I expect a bifger HD on the next "model" at most. 3G would require a bit more tinkering given the size constraints and battery use issues that come with it. I think EDGE+Wi-Fi works perfectly, but then again my campus is 100% wireless. I don't understand people getting mad with the idea of a new model. Regardless of when it comes (and I'm sure it will) i payed $600+new contract for this phone. I fully plan to use it for 2+ years before i even THINK of getting a new one.

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    It's funny that I, like most want to have an iPhone with a larger HD and equal to the sizes in the current iPods. Yet I just realized with all the music which I thought was a lot on my iPod I never really looked at how much space I'm using. So I looked and it came to just around 4 GBs. Guess my 617 song playlist and the other conert lists weren't as big as I thought.

    So I'll stop rabling and say in short that the 8 GB is good for me.

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