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Thread: wifi problem

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    Default wifi problem
    not sure if this belongs here but..

    can somebody help me set up my wireless router? everytime i connect on my iphone, it will work for awhile, but then after awhile the ip will just change to some weird ip. i know that ip means that its not getting a ip from the DNS server or something. but ive turned off my DNS on the wireless and also put it to bridge mode and everything, it still doesnt work. everytime i want to connect through wifi on my iphone i have to restart the router.

    heres my setup:

    router 1 ---------->modem
    ------------> router 2 (wireless router)

    the modem is connected to router 1 and then router 1 is connected to router 2. the reason behind this is because i have the modem on the first floor. then i have some computers on the upper floor (so router 1 takes care of that). but i also have a computer in the basement where i am usually at (where router 2 is).

    can anyone help me out?

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    hmmm. i would do a google search for an answer like this. is it just the wifi on iphone or other computers using wireless?? i do kno that the iphone shuts off wifi after a certain amount of time to save battery so maybe some other device is takeing ip address and iphone has to renew and get a new one
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    i think it happens to my laptop too.
    i am connected to the wifi now and i get a IP of which i believe i read somewhere that the router isnt sending out DNS or something like that. im not sure how to fix it though

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