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Thread: How do I make iPhone alert on low battery?

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    Upadate: I got Battery Doctor Pro. It gave advice for turning off iPhone 4S settings including apps which may remain still going thanks to the iPhone 4S multitask capability. I have not found/seems useless at telling me which iPhone 4S applications are draining the battery the most. Same battery drain 30% to 40% overnight. A few days later and I got the same deep sleep issue - would not ring for calls or receive SMS until unlocked.

    I reset the iPhone 4S again (keeping data) and my iPhone 4S will ring when in sleep mode now and no deep sleep issues after a day. Now I am calling the iPhone 4S in sleep a few times a day to check up on it if it will actually ring - so far so good - yet a clear nuisance for a brand/technology that "just works."

    Today I was going to the same Apple Forum - the one where $100 billion cash in the bank Apple gets volunteers to help with your problems (I remember Nokia had a similar system). Interesting, now I could not find it too easy but an Apple submit issue form came up. So I sent them the issue on iPhone 4S Deep Sleep, and iPhone 4S faux pas lack of audible low battery indicator.

    I dug a bit deeper. Apple contact details came up. I called and three minutes later I was speaking with an Apple tech person. The advice: plug your phone into your computer, connect to Itunes, do a backup, do a clean reset (from within Itunes) where all the iPhone 4S data gets wiped out, then put the data back on there. The fellow said I should get 200 hours standby (no usage) not the 24 hours I have been experiencing. He checked that I had 5.01. He said if there are still iPhone 4S problems then it may be a hardware issue and to get replacement at an Apple Store. I wish I knew it was so easy to call them in the first place.

    I also called my mobile phone service provider today. I found when the iPhone 4S was in deep sleep that while it was not ringing a caller may hear up to 14 rings before the voicemail answered. I wanted maybe six rings - to avoid not only missing the call, but also missing any potential messages. They tested the IPhone 4S out (not in deep sleep), and it rang 7 times before voicemail. They also gave me a direct Iphone 4S support phone number.
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    Default Got a replacement iPhone 4S for battery issues
    I backed up the Iphone 4S in Itunes, did the clear wipe as advised by Apple tech support, and restored it. This worked for about two days then I got hit with all three of my batter issues in one day: iPhone 4S deep sleep (did not want to wake up in the morning), iPhone 4S rapid battery loss: 50+ % battery loss overnight in 9 hours without any usage, and iPhone 4S won't ring unless unlocked.

    I went to an Apple Store (you could make appointments online). They could not see me that day (all booked out) but sent me to another Apple store 30 min away. The Genuis figured out that the iPhone 4S WiFi was not working. And based on the three iPhone 4S battery issues mentioned above and that the WiFi was not working, I got a new Iphone. Seems to work ok so far...

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