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Thread: itoday uninstalling issue

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    Default itoday uninstalling issue
    So, i decided to give itoday a go.. knowing it was a bad idea taking the fact there are so many issues with it.

    Well anyways, i'm on 1.1.1 and it didn't work. Installing it via Installer.

    Downloaded fine, but kinda crashed in the installer.. yet the icon was still showing for it. Now i just want to uninstall it, but it wasn't in the Installer.

    So what i did so far was just ssh into it and delete the folder /applications/itoday,app

    but now, i seem to have a blank icon in the middle of the screen. Am i missing a few other files? does anyone know where they are located?


    randomly dissapeared now.. but still is that how you manually uninstall something?
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    thats how i would. or have

    iToday is weird and super buggy. a new version came out looking like it implemented his vwallpaper app into it, but neither feature worked on my phone. jus kept freezing n stuff so i uninstalled it
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    waitin on my white iphone 4

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    Yeah, great app.. but seems everything he makes has a ton of issues, and really screws up alot of phones ;p

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    The main problem here is not iToday, but the fact that your using apps most likey made for 1.1.4 and your on 1.1.1.

    I say upgrade, because theres no point in not upgrading.
    A Thanks is always nice =]

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    i've beening trying to figure out my problem with itoday.

    i uninstalled it, but it didn't go away. now it makes my phone freeze badly. espeically when i try to turn it off, and open installer...

    anyone have any solutions??

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