Hey guys.

I just had to restore my iPhone and used the iTunes backup function before I hit the restore button.
After the restore everything works just fine, as I expected, BUT the pictures from my camera roll are gone (all others are there, however).
The funny thing is, it seems as if they're just not being displayed but still there somehow. I know that since I chose some of those pics as contact pictures and now when I go to such a contact, that exact same picture is still there as a contact picture.

Where are those pictures from the camera roll located?
I went to /var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPPLE - empty
I went to /var/mobile/Media/Photos and found, in sub-folders, a bunch of .ithmb-files and converted those to PPMs. Shows that those are all pictures on my iPhone, except the ones from the camera roll.

Help please!