Hey everyone!

Well i have a 1.1.4 iphone unlocked and jailbreacked with Ziphone.

But i have 2 main problems:

1- First of all, a few months ago, i mess up something with WINSCP trying to copy all my notes from the iphone to the pc, and now, the iphone won't let me save or delete any notes! I just can write them, but if i try to save them, nothing happens, neither if i try to delete them... :S

2- I think it comes from this, as notes appears to be "freezed" the iphone won't sync my photos! I just got the photos from the camera, and still, if i take a look at the "about" section on the iphone, i can see it has 1613 photos; wich are "supposely there", but i can't find them....

3- When i sync it on itunes, it tells me after synking everything, that the iphone could not synk favourites from safari... :S

Any ideas??

Thanks guys!!