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Thread: instinct vs. iphone!!!! must see vids

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    Default instinct vs. iphone!!!! must see vids
    guys check this vids out i dont know if any seem them already but , wen i saw them , i was like damn i want dat phone too.... lol. but i wouldnt trade it for sprint service ,,, well heres the link Sprint | now is good or Sprint | now is good
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    any phone against a STOCK iphone can win.
    i would like the instinct sprint or whatever its called beat my iphone
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    I just smiled at these videos...

    You know a company is desperate when they have to buy their competitors product to put it in there commercial.

    I think the reason they did it like this, was because the Instinct has exactly 0 new things for a phone. So they pick one phone out of hundreds to compare it too..

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    I agree with the above comment. I reckon it is generally the Number 2 (or lower) player in a market that even wants to make direct product comparisons. Leading brands generally just say ' Here's what we are - we're damn good' without worrying about referencing others.

    That's one of the things I like about the iPhone ads - they've acted like they're the one to beat right from Day 1 ....

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    blah iphone is king., if u dont wanna mod it than why would u spend so much money on it. same with compters if ur gonna drop the duckets why not do suttin a lil against the rules. come on this is the 21st century
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