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Thread: HOT Iphone???

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    Question HOT Iphone???

    I picked up my iphone to make a call and noticed it was kind of hot. I didn't think much of it and I noticed, it was not on (shouldn't have been off as there was plenty of battery and I had only made a few call since last charge a few hours ago). I tried to turn it on and nothing...It was so hot that holding it for more than 10-15 sec was too much. I being confused, hoped to just let it sit there and try again. 10 min later now it's even HOTTER I can't hold it for more than 3 sec and it seems like it's originating from the top portion of the iPhone. The bottom seems a lot cooler and is bareable to hold from the bottom. Can't say the same about the top.
    Has anybody else had or know of anybody that has had a problem like this? Do you think my phone fried (It was working fine and just sitting there so I don't see how or why)? What should I do? Take it in to apple or att or something? The phone is only around a month old.
    I went to the apple website and can't find anything regarding this matter.
    I hope it doesn't catch on fire!

    The only thing that possible was running at the time was my bluetooth was connected and on, though I was not in a call it was just paired and the bluetooth was turned on so it would be used to pick up the call if it had come in.

    Edit: about 20 min have passed and I checked it and it's finally cool. My fingers still have a burning feeling in them from touching the phone when it was hot though! Well I try to turn it on and again nothing. I turn on itunes and plug it in and again...nothing. I just hope maybe it needs a charge and will turn on after a few minutes, but I strongly doubt it. THIS SUCKS!
    I wonder if it has to do with the battery going out or something? I've heard of many devices even catching on fire even, because their li-ion (i believe) battery blow up or something.

    Edit II: Seems it's fried. I am getting NOTHING at all. Bummer I guess it's off to apple tommorrow. I hope this doesn't become an issue with more people. If so please post in here.
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    idk about your problem
    thats really wierd
    you should take that up with apple and/or att

    i know that if you leave your phone in the sun, the aluminum case gets really really hot
    i accidentally did that once
    left it in my car on a hot day

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    yea, but only thing is, it's night and I'm in the bay (s.f., ca IT'S ANYTHING BUT HOT)

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    same problem here man....let me know if u solved the issue

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