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Thread: A few questions about getting the iphone w/o data plan

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    Default A few questions about getting the iphone w/o data plan
    Hey all,
    I'm planning on getting an iphone and replacing it with my current SIM, then jailbreaking it. I do NOT have the data plan, and do not plan on purchasing it. I know that I will not be able to use many of the features that are normally provided with the data plan. I have a few questions though:
    1) If I restrict my use of the iPhone to making calls, texting, and some browsing (using local Wifi!), then will I be charged anything extra? I've heard that the iphone uses the internet for almost everything it does...
    2) can I just walk in and pick up an iphone from the nearest apple store? or will they try to give me a contract or something with it...
    3) I've heard that if my wifi gets disconnected, the iphone auto-connects to it's normal data-plan internet. Is there a way to prevent this so that I'm not charged tons?


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    3)yes, But there is a app. called Services that you can use to shut off the edge network and keep it off.

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    that's great, thanks!

    any warnings concerning what I'm about to do? any problems that may come up from not getting the data plan?

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    So I went ahead and got the iphone, and now I'm stuck. It says to connect to iTunes, and when I do, iTunes automatically adds data plan to my service. How can I circumvent this?

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    I read somewhere that you can set them up for something like a prepaid deal, which sounds like something you are trying to do.

    I am not for sure if this will do it, but I read this somewhere to get away from the Activation Screen and jailbreak it.

    1. enter *#307# press call, now use the back button on the top of your screen to remove *#307# ,
    now enter 0 , press call, press answer, press hold, press decline. And you get to the contact
    list. And thereafter every time you push the homebutton you just slide the "emergency call"
    slide, then enter 0 , press call, press hold, press decline.

    2. Push contacts, end call and you get called again, this time hit decline and you access one of
    menus with favorites, you can edit contacts, do a test ride on keyboard, take photos etc.

    3. Now edit a new contact and type in "prefs://11" as web-address and "" as
    an additional URL.

    4. When you tap "prefs://11" you can now select your favorite WiFi gateway.

    5. Now press the home button and move the slider to the dial-pad.

    6. Now you can go back to the contact list by Dialing 0, push call, then answer, then contacts,
    then hit the "" web address you typed in.

    7. Scroll down to the bottom, click "Install AppSnapp". Safari will exit and you'll return to your
    springboard. Wait for the phone to reboot. You are now jailbroken. and are able to use
    VIA - dilinator post.

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    do what the last guy doesn't need iTunes

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    that worked out great, I just had problems downgrading to 1.1.1

    Sorry for the string of questions, but now I need an app called "services"...I heard I can disable EDGE from there. Anyone know how I could find that?

    all done, but I found out one thing...the new iphones come with bootloader 4.6 can't be unlocked for SIMs yet. Looks like I'm screwed for a while. Services could be found through installer and looking under tools for anyone who was interested.
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