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Thread: Bottom part of screen doesn't work?!

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    Default Bottom part of screen doesn't work?!
    so the deal is this. my room mate was delivering pizza one night and dropped his iPhone in a puddle... it was fully submerged for about 5 min. after it dried he powered it up and voila! it worked!... all except the lower portion... but wait theres a catch to this. It seems to me, after inspecting it for a long time, that it only doesn't work when theres an app open... if its on the springboard its not affected... hmm... also if its in landscape mode (doesn't matter which way) all the keyboard keys work! but in normal mode the space bar, the .com button etc. dont work. like if you try to type a space it'll type a z or the letter right above where you touched!!! im at my wits end... any ideas other than replacing the screen???

    PS water sensor was broke, and cant join Wifi networks cuz the join button can't be pressed
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    sounds broken. try a restore. if that dosent work got to appl but make sure the water mark is not pink, theres a thread some where in here about it. lil elmers glue and tissue i think. and make sure its stock when u go to apple. AND PLEASE SEARCH. ther is seriously iv seen 20 threads "bottom of screen not working"
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