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Thread: will doing a restore re lock my phone?

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    Default will doing a restore re lock my phone?
    i have been trying to get a definitive answer on this, maybe you can help.
    i have a unlocked 1.1.1 iphone , jailbroken with 3rd party apps on it...
    if I do a 1.1.1. restore through itunes will my phone be re locked?
    what state exactly will my phone be in after i restore?
    do i have to re activate? jail break?
    anyone that can answer my questions would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks alot

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    Which part of "restore to original state" eludes you?

    Yes, you'll have to re-do everything.

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    so the unlock does not survive the restore?

    thanks for the sarcasm too

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    Actually, I'm pretty sure the unlock will still survive the restore because it is stored in the baseband. Everything else will be set back to default and your phone is re-jailed.

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    thanks for the reply..
    do you know if i will have to do any activation or anything after restore or will the unlocked phone work fine still?

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    i already did this....

    If you have a 1.1.1 that used anysim 1.1, you will have to re-actvate,
    but not unlock. If you used any other unlocking method - I can not advise you,
    I remember reading something (i forget what and where!) about it not working if you used an older anysim, or another method - but I can't confirm.

    re-activating is really easy now (using, so if you want to restore,
    go ahead - make sure everything is backed up/synced (ical,address book,notes, etc)
    you WILL lose all your data and apps, but again - it's so easy now to install!

    **just remember to d/l the 1.1.1 firmware, and hit option-restore when you are doing it, as 1.1.2 has now been released and should be the default restore in itunes now..

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    Default Restoring 1.1.1 (Does it relock the phone?)

    Did you have a chance to try your restore by any chance? I had the same questionas you and would like to restore my unlocked 1.1.1 but do not want it to relock etc etc

    Any feedback appreciated

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    Hi, i have gotten my iphone few days ago, an unlocked version of fw 1.1.1

    I restored it to fw 1.1.1 after messing around with it.
    So as usual, i follow the method to activate and jailbreak it.

    The phone can be used right away without having to unlock again.

    However i still tried to run anySIM 1.1 <--- but fail. but the phone is still unlocked.

    I was quite puzzle why i dun have to unlock it and it can be use, till i saw this thread.

    So i believe, if the iphone was unlocked b4, after u restored it back to the same fw version, you wont need to unlock again.

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    I have restored many times my Iphone 1.1..1 unlocked with anysim and you don't have to re-unlock it. You just have use So don't listen to the sarcy idiot earlier they don't know everything on this site!!!

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