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Thread: HELP: Suddently i stopped hearing anyone on my iphone....

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    Default HELP: Suddently i stopped hearing anyone on my iphone....

    Suddently today i stopped hearing anyone when receiving/making calls.
    I only can hear the other side when connecting my bluetooth earset device or the apple earset or iphone speaker.
    If i touch with my hand on the back of my iphone, sometimes i can hear the other side call, but just for some seconds and very badly....

    What can i do? Why is this happening?

    I have tried already this:
    and still the problem....

    and tried this:
    and still the same problem...

    what can i do?

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    try resettings all settings in Settings -> General

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    tried this just few minutes ago, and the problem remains the same.... no sound when receiving/making calls!

    Please help, don't know what more to do.... this happened suddently :S

    i'm going crazy with this....
    have tried plugging/unplugging in a set of headphones/earbuds couple of times and nothing... i can't go to an apple shop because in my country there isn't any... i bought my iphone directly from UK.

    Just to clarify again, because my english is not very good: i can't get no sound just from the iphone earpiece:

    All the rest does well, it rings well, i can listen to music ok, i can use speaker phone and also bluetooth earset. I just simple can't listen anyone using the earpice. And also i noticed since the first day i got the iphone that the sound was not with quality 100% perfect from earpice.... from the other listed i can get very good quality sound since first day (headphones, bluetooth, speakerphone)....

    any tip to solve this?
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    As Apple iPie says, restore? Sounds like ring, music comes from the speaker.

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    could this be a hardware problem?
    I'll try a restore... but will i loose my contacts/agenda? I have more than 3,000 contacts and many agenda events... maybe backing up with itunes/outlook and then import again to iphone?

    Which version is more stable? I'm currently using 1.1.4, upgraded from 1.1.2

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    tried a restore, virginize the phone... and nothing....
    tried also both solutions here: Luckow Design Studios - Fix for iPhone Earphone Bug and Iphone No sound? - Mac Forums and nothing....

    definitely is a hardware problem, if i hit with my hand on the back of the phone i can hear for couple of seconds the person which is calling me....
    what is pissing me off is that i can't go to an apple store because there isn't any here!
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