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    welll today my iphone had a little trouble and was acting really werid so i decide to power it off and power it back on and while i did power it on it was stuck on the apple sign and wouldnt get off of that apple what i did was connected it to itunes and i restored it and hacked it using iliberty+ then i was clicking jalibreak unlock activate and you tube fix and i hit ok to hack it went threw perfectly..i go to wifi to check if it works and it does so i left it on and checked youtube but for some reason it gave me a pop up saying "you must first connect to iTunes with an internet Connection to enable YouTube"i never had that problem befor when it was hacked recently using the same program and working perfectly until that situation came up it being stuck on the apple logo....can anyone help me and see what might i have done wrong i try to restore it again and hacked it again but it says the same thing any clue as to what i have to do or what would be the problem....i would really appreciate it thanks alot

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    okay, i'm not trying to be a jerk, but next time don't be so lazy and do a search because there are like 90,000 threads about this topic on this site and every other site dedicated to the iphone. the search bar is there for a reason, but anyways, this time i'll help you out, just give me a minute to do the search.

    OK everyone here it is. i fixed it. by using all directions on and all you do after installing the YOU TUBE FIX, is change the darn date to the current date. dont touch the time, unless its your own phone, and change the date only!! amazing how something so small works!

    This is thanks to NegriElectronics.
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