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Thread: Questions about selling and contracts

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    Default Questions about selling and contracts
    Hey guys, i'm not sure if this is the right section but i'm sorry if its not!
    i have my 8g iPhone that i absolutely have loved for about 5 months now and i have hacked it since day one. i really would like the new 3g iPhone coming out in June but i need to sell this one first! i was wondering how i should go about doing this and if anyone has any ideas about it?

    eBay i saw was giving good prices for Unlocked phones... BUT. not of them have contracts. does this mean that i need to cancel my contract? if so i read somewhere that it costs $175 to cancel a contract with ATT. could anyone explain this to me?

    what is the best strategy to go about getting rid of our 1st gen iPhones to make a little bit of money and then splurging for the 2nd gen?

    you can email me at
    or just aim me at Jiggajuggawugga

    thanks again!

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    Sell your phone on ebay or craigslist (if you have a local one). When you buy your new phone you just pop your SIM card in and continue with your existing contract.

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    but arnt u suppose to tell att so they will let it be activated on there network. that is if the person u sell to wants to go with att.?or do they not care? i just thought i heard something like that, were some one bought iphone from friend but needed password or sutitn so they could activate on att. im not sure just throwing that out there. plz correct me if im wrong
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    alright so just as a recap! in order to sell with no contract for money on like ebay or something just...

    1. unlock it via ziphone (i'm still confused about this. when you unlock your iphone and you put your ATT sim card in it - can u do this without ever taking your simcard out in the first place? - and then you go to sell it and you pop the card out, will it still be unlocked?

    2. take sim card out

    3. unsync iTunes so that all the contacts and junk is off.

    4. sell for like $800 :]

    5. Buy the new phone.


    when the new iphone comes out, will it work with our current sim cards?

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