Hey Everyone, i have acouple questions here that i was looking to get answered and hopeing someone here can help me out.

alright well the situation is this, my brother just purchased a UNLOCKED 1.0.2 Used iPhone from a friend and works perfectly fine. I want to restore it for him but:

a) will it lock the phone back up if i restored it on itunes?

b) will it need to be restored from the PC that it was previously sync'd to or will any PC/MAC do it?

c) could it be restored on a MacBook that MY iPhone is sync'd to?

d) if not, will any PC/MAC reconize the iphone as long as theirs itunes and will it be able to restore?

e) if it gets locked, would iNdependence unlock it through the jailbreak process? (my phone was purchased unlocked so im unaware)

Sorry if some of the questions sound like they are repeated. THANKS for the help in advance!!!!

( I did search the forum but couldn't find anything close to my little situation i have here sorry )