Hey guys, sorry for creating a whole new thread but i REALLY need some help with this one. ive tried everything i can think of and everything ive found on MMi/google..

I had a 1.1.1 unlocked phone, upgraded it to 1.1.2 and foolishly forgot to install OkToPrep from Installer.... now I am bricked.

I know this has happened with a lot of people, but even their guides I can not do because i really can not get out of recovery mode! Ive tried the "Option + Restore" method in itunes to reload 1.1.2, 1.1.1, AND 1.0.2 FWs all many times in random orders, nothing seems to work.

Ive tried iBrickr, (wont boot phone or load 1.0.2) and independence (just crashes when i open) and i really have nowhere else to turn!

can someone PLEASE help me out??? any help is greatly appreciated thanks a million