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Thread: What's the possibility of an external drive to use with the iPhone?

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    Default What's the possibility of an external drive to use with the iPhone?
    Hey all,

    So I've had an Iphone since it first came out and have been using it in Canada through Rogers. Although I'm not all that tech saavy I have wondered if the device would be capable of certain things if someone were to take time to develop them. I guess this is me asking those of you out there who know the technology well, why the following doesn't exist or if it would even be possible.

    As many of you may know there is an external battery for the iPhone called the "iZap" which sits conveniently behind the phone and allows you to strap it to your belt, allowing for quite a bit of extended battery life. I was wondering if it would be possible to make an external drive for the phone which could be attached in a similar way and even carry its own chargable power source. If so it could be used to store/load files such as business related documents or even add to ones music library if the proper applications were created. In theory it should be possible given the other apps and accessories people have come up with for the phone and I'm sorry if this seems elementary to some of you but as I don't have the time to scour the board for other such posts I figured I could ask if it is a possiblity. The reasons I thought it may not exist already is patenting issues or simply being impossible given the way the phone is set-up. thanks - kyle

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    You could for sure do it but you would need to get your hands on the code used to connect a(n) device to the iPod for sure as a starter and then from there build an application that can start, run/read & write to a hard drive or even store data in a flash memory stick.

    I don't know that much so sorry if this sounds basic to some!

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