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Thread: ~~~**Trade in**Our iPhones For the 3g Iphone~~~

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    Default ~~~**Trade in**Our iPhones For the 3g Iphone~~~
    Will we be able to trade our iphones that we all have now for a 3g iphone when it comes out?

    1. will we just have to buy a whole new one

    2. can we just trade ours in for one

    3. trade ours in and pay like 100 extra

    does anyone no?


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    that would be awesome if we could do that but probly not

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    I plan on ebaying mine and buying a new one if it's worth it.

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    In a perfect world yes, but in this one hell no is Apple gonna offer that kind of deal.
    Its technology you gots to pay for it. LOL

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    As some on else said in another thread of this sort, you don't go buy a Tahoe and one year later simply trade it in for next years model for slightly more. New product = New cost.

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    well **** that sucks

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    We will be unable to trade-in our ILLEGAL iPhones...
    Maybe legal ones...

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    yea but we could restore

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    wishful thinking
    always hit the thanks button

    no signature spam/links... Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALL DAY View Post
    As some on else said in another thread of this sort, you don't go buy a Tahoe and one year later simply trade it in for next years model for slightly more. New product = New cost.
    yea but you come in, they give you half of what you paid for it last year and on your way you go! why not with the iphone?? offer a $200 discount? if u trade it in?

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    Sure! Of course you can! Just like all the blackberry owners who trade in their old models for new ones & all the old razr owners trading in for the newer models! They also give you candy that taste like snozberries!

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    come on its apple. im surprised they havent updated the ipod classic yet. they had the photo out for like 3months then introduced the video. my friend was pissed and apple just said but the store he bought it from did say they would have swaped it. but iphone i dont think so and no other stores besides apple or att(inUS) are the only sellers
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    They don't let me trade in my old nano or old macbook... they are not a charity organization. It's all about PROFIT and STOCK PRICES

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    Company, trade ins are not where its at for a company. You must buy another, im waiting for the 3rd Gen iPhone to upgrade

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    The 3G iPhone is not going to get my money. Steve Jobs planned this out. 3G has been available for quite some time--the technology has been there for quite some time now, and all of his excuses for not including it were nil. The same goes for crippling the current phone's camera.

    This has been about money all along. He released a great phone that was lacking a few major features that people have been asking for, but he did it knowing that people would still run out and buy it--hype, fashion, geek/gadget lovers--whatever the reason may be it still is one of the best selling phones. So hey--let's put what it should have had included a year later, get all the sales from on the fence converts, and everyone who bought one last year will gladly drop another 600 for this one as well.

    I'm no chump. I'm not buying it unless it gets next to free or my current phone dies. --And I'm pretty well off and successful--but principle keeps me from buying into the hype machine that is Apple's 3G iPhone. My hacked phone does everything I could ask for.

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    No, I already ebayed mine before the price goes down on them. If the new Iphone dosn't come out next month Ill just buy a refurb 16gb off ATAT for $349.

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