This seems to be a question that has yet to be asked, at least, I tried to search but could not find it. I recently saw a demo of the LG Vu, which had AT&T's new "Mobile TV" service. My question is if anybody thinks the next iPhone might take advantage of this, or at the least, take advantage of the "Cellular Video" Formally "Cingular Video" offered by AT&T. It seems like such a waste for that large screen. Its the perfect device for this kind of thing. As I understand it, the CV is over a data connection, so streaming video, while the "Mobile TV" service is actually TV Signal waves, or whatever they are called. I completely forgot about the CV thing when I got my iPhone. It seems like there are so many things most phones have that the iPhone is missing out on. I would hate to say it, but the Vu is looking kinda attractive to me, Apple, don't let it happen, I want it to happen less than you do!

The other big thing would be Video Share, but that has been discussed.