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Thread: Gmail annoyances on Iphone!

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    Default Gmail annoyances on Iphone!
    GMAIL annoyances on IPHONE

    1. GMAIL and IPHONE not in Synch:
    Also, Gmail on the web is not in synch with Gmail on the iphone. I always have to re-view and re-delete my emails. If I view mail on Gmail I still have to view them on iphone and vice versa. It's really annoying.

    2. Can't send email from different accounts using IPhone:
    I have several email accounts linked through Gmail. When using Gmai on the web, it automatically sends replies using whichever email address the email was addressed to. With Gmail on IPhone it only replies back using the main Gmail account ... How stupid.

    3. Getting a copy of Sent items back to my inbox:
    And I also keep getting CC'ed back to my Iphone Inbox my sent messages. Really annoying too.

    It's upsetting that they couldn't take care of such terrible annoyances with checking emails especially knowing that people would be using GMail on Iphone for emails.

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    I have the same three issues.

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    I have problem 1 and 3, I don't have 2 because I don't have multiple gmail accounts. But number 3 ****s me off so much.

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    I dont know what to do about multiple Gmail accounts, but for #1, Setup an IMAP account, for instructions, go to youtube, search "Gmail IMAP"

    For #3, go to Settings>Mail and at the bottom check off the BBC Myself part.

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    And for #2, THINK a little bit. You're accessing your GMAIL from the phone by setting up the account on the phone. So of course it'll reply from that account.

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    I found this guys. I'm testing it now. it seems great:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Gmail IMAP for the iPhone[/ame]

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    Default Problems 1 and 2 solved. 3 remaining
    Well Gmail now offers IMAP so problems 1 and 3 are solved. It's now in synch pretty nicely.

    The only problem that remains is #2 that even though you get to access email from multiple email accounts on IPhone you can only respond to email using the main gmail account unlike in Gmail on the web.

    I hope they fix this.

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