ok ive been reading these forums for days, searched alot of pages aswell

basicly i bought an iphone which was 1.02 unlocked, when it arrived it hadnt been unlocked so i did everything my self,

1.02 was fine, had ipod,youtube safri etc, but wanted newer features

so i wanted to upgrade to 1.1.1

i revirginized my firmware, by using the files that came in installler

with everything in check i hold down my power and home botton

and put the phone into DFU mode for easy restore (so ive read)

the screen is black, and itunes detects it, i start the restore, my iphone screen goes white, then black with a apple in the middle and a little circle spining at the bottm, straight after that i get '...unkown error 4' please help, when i try upgrade via the yellow triangly i get error (1)

i even updated my itunes to 7.4 just to see if that worked

im using windows vista 32bit if that helps

please help