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Thread: Endless reboot help please....

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    Default Endless reboot help please....
    hey guys
    My girls friend was attempting to update a theme she had downloaded off of installer on iphone and now it is stuck in a endless soft reboot. The phone occasionally will pretend like its gonna do something we tell it to then will soft reboot by itself. The little small bar circle shows up in the middle of the screen and the phone freezes. After a few minutes it will come back to the main screen then try to soft reboot again and again. The i would love to connect it to the computer... or start all over and connect it to itunes for a restore.. but now it wont connect to the damn computer either... it only lets me charge ont he wall charger and doesnt even recognize being plug in when plugged in on the computer. Also the phone wont go into restore mod at all.. sooooo if someone has another method of turning the phone on and off or putting the damn thing into restore mode or somehing it would be great, any help would be appreciated thx guys.

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    plug in. hold home and lock buttons till recognized by computer.

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    That last bit seemed to help and I was able to get the phone into restore mode. last question... is there a way to save the phone book when in restore mode? or is it completely erased? also another thing when its completely restored probably with the newest firmware do I need to do anything to do the baseband or what not before I start unlocking it so that I dont brick the phone? thx in advance for any help

    oh and side note... for anyone else that is experiencing this problem, I also drained the battery completely to dead dead dead before doing this.. i dont know if it helped but another option if this doesnt work.

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    If you synced your iphone on itunes before there should be a backup of everything. I had the same problem and recovery mode + shift key restore fixed it.

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