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Thread: Few questions regarding an iPhone

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    Default Few questions regarding an iPhone
    I'm planning on getting an iPhone when I get some answers to the following questions.

    I'm guessing that most people are running 1.0.2 however I'd want to run the 1.1.1 simply because it's more convenient to get. Can I run most if not all of the apps on the 1.1.1 phone? Also because of convenience again I'd be getting a premodded phone, does it matter how it is jailbroken any time along the road in the future? If I wanted to downgrade or prep it for an upgrade does it matter how the phone was modded in the past? (I'd assume that a hardware unlock would but the software?)

    Also I'm from Canada and I'd have to think here most of you have heard our cries regarding the data plane we have up here. Let me put it this way, if they included a decent car for free with a 3 year plan I'd still not even consider it. So I'd be just using the wifi for any net usage, is there some way to disable it from using the carriers service and just have things update via the wifi? Mostly I'd be concerned about e-mail.

    I've also read in a bunch of places that you need to keep iTunes as an older version, I am unable to do this because I am running one of the 6th gen iPods(160gb) and require the extra features aswell as the added support for the ipod, obviously.

    I suppose the other question I have is in regards to the general modding of the phone, I am a windows user not running on mac hardware, am I still able to get directory access and anything else required to do file changes on the phone? At one point I was quad booting OSX aswell and did a lot of the directory rights modifications via command line, never have I done such in windows.

    I thank you in advance, hope to be working with the phone as soon as I get some answers.


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    most apps work, yes you can do things in windows,

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    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
    most apps work, yes you can do things in windows,
    I appreciate the response, I was able to get in contact with someone who has an unlocked phone and he was able to answer the other questions.


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