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Thread: Could someone please help me

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    Smile Could someone please help me
    I appologize if this is not the correct place to post this. I come here almost anytime I would like to learn something new. My problem is I have frozen my phone to an extent. I have 1.1.1 and I used, I had no issues until today when I got a link from someone to add sources and I put it in the sources part of the installer. I was looking for skins and I installed something that has made my iphone inoperable. I can get it on, but no matter what i have tried it will not show up in itunes. I cannot ssh into it because I have it turned off. I get the home screen and then a little hourglass type timer in the middle keeps resetting itself every minute or so.I have tried forcing a restore to no avail because it will not show up in itunes.I can get into apps for a few seconds but it just freezes and resets back to home screen. I tried to call it and the call shows up after a delay but it then freezes and does not allow me to use this either. I know this is my own doing, I was just hoping someone could help me to restore it. The battery does not seem to charge either, or it is just not showing it is. Please if anyone could help I would be so very greatful. Thank You

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    hold the home and power button on the phone for about half a minute or until the phone turns off and shows an iTunes logo and a cable on the screen. Then connect your phone to your comp; iTunes can now restore it.
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    You're the second person today with the same problem. It sounds like the problem we sw a week or so ago with the Hightymes source files.

    Put the phone i forced restore and restore it back to whichever firmware version you prefer (Just be careful not to update to 1.1.2 if you are unlocked or need to have the phone jailbroken)
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    Thanks so much. I did not expect a reply tonight. I was so sick of trying I was heading to bed and I decided to give it a try and it finally connected. I tell you i have learned my lesson on using sources I do not know or trust. I did restore and Thank You so much. I did not update though I am at 1.1.1 and staying here for now. I am not sure if it was the hightimes or if it was another but hightimes was one that I added. Anyway I will not be up all night trying to fix it. Just in case anyone else runs into this I also had funky things happen to my screen. It flashed, and sometimes had black and white stripes down it flashing as well. Alright well I am off too bed. THANK YOU!!! : )

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