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Thread: Getting the activation fee waived???

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    Post Getting the activation fee waived???
    I've heard that it is possible to get the activation fee waived on your iPhone if you buy at at an AT&T store.

    I'm assuming this involves conversing with the phone rep... how is this done?


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    Quote Originally Posted by thehitmanguava View Post
    how is this done?

    I've heard that you might be able to do it if you buy the iphone from an AT&T store and talk to the rep.

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    I'd assume that the activation fee would be for new customers only right? If so, yeah, just be like 'So what deals can I get?' kind of thing. For me, they waived new SIM's fees (25.00$ each, yeah right!) if I got an unlimited messaging for one month. So I did. lol. It was fun! But yeah, you can def get it waived. As well as any other fee they want to charge you the day you buy it.

    EDIT: When I signed up, I didn't get the iPhone, I brought my own mobiles.

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    I activated 2 iphones I bought from the AT&T store, saw the 39$ activation fee and called customer service, they credited my account 78$ right on the spot. I already had AT&T service, so I don't know if they will waive the fee for new customers.

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    When you sign up for AT&T they give you a free SIM card. They are $25.00, but in our system at RadioShack they let us take that off for new customers, or customers with older SIM cards.

    AT&T are pretty good about getting fees waived. If you have a huge bill because of text messaging tell them you thought you had unlimited and they might credit you back, I heard that they've found out a way that we can text message all day long and it doesn't cost them anything. So they're cool about stuff like that too. If you ever upgrade they can also get rid of the $18 upgrade fee if you call them. All you have to do is tell them "I have been a customer for (how many years) and you all are charging me to upgrade my phone and stay with you?" and your $18 fee will be credited to your next bill. :-)

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