After installing hightymes as a source, my phone freaked. Tried rebooting 1000 dice! I put into recovery mode to do the restore solution
(get it here - but to my dismay, i've already downloaded the new 7.5 iTunes. [Sorry pF, I didn't listen] Independence will not work with the new version 7.5...what to do? By holding down option and restore (choose the APPROPRIATE FILE) in iTunes, extraction was a success. I simply then restored to factory setting. No BRICK! HOORAY!
I should mention that I'm AT&T - was virginized 1.1.1 -
now updated to 1.1.2 (BOO!)

It worked for me, but I was desperate and LUCKY! I couldn't use any Fugu or Cyberduck either but it Worked!

Put that one in the record books.