I got a unlocked iphone that should not have the firmware upgraded from 1.0.2(according to the person who sold me the phone).also I had a old ipod mini with itunes version 4. installed in my pc.since the the iphone needs itunes version 7.3 or later to work I looked in the internet for the version7.4.2 with firmware 1.0.2,I did not find it,so I upgraded the itunes in my pc to version7.5 with the old mini ipod conected.and then I conect the iphone with no sim card in it and I downloaded 2 songs that I bought from the itunes store to the iphone.all worked fine.after that I insert a T-mobile sim card in the Iphone and it worked fine,safari youtube etc.question was I lucky not to have the iphone bricked?can I still buy songs from itunes and download them to my iphone,without damaging my phone?sorry people I am not to familiar with the termonology or the proper way to say the actions that I performed.that why I included all the details.thanks for your help