so here's the problem...
when i got the iphone, the wifi worked great. it was fast, and it was sweet. i'm not sure, but i think it was fine when i upgraded the firmware to 1.1.1 as well, but now it'll not work at all. well, sometimes when i reset the iphone, it'll work for a few seconds, but it's just that. i can't use maps, weather, stocks, etc... and it's not just on my home network either...

is it possible that because it's a refurb? or could it be firmware?

my iphone's history:
bought 1.0.2 --> unlocked with anySim --> revirginized --> 1.1.1 --> unlocked with anySim
I use iNdependance for most of of the hacking.

also, someone on the apple support board just suggested that I just exchange it for a new one. is it possible to revirginize 1.1.1 so that it looks like a new phone?

btw, is it safe to restore my iphone using itunes or in-phone option? i would like to see if maybe that would help.
and i've also patched the TIFF exploit, in case that makes a difference.