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Thread: iPhone slidebar @ unlock screen frezing??

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    Default iPhone slidebar @ unlock screen frezing??
    anyone else having this problem? any idea how to fix????

    Ocasionally when i receive a call or just want to access my homescren from a locked state, my phone freezes and i cant slide the slider bar to unlock the phone and answer a call, or do whatever from the main menu... ive restored my phone (thinking it was a simple software problem) but that didnt work. any ideas??

    ps: this was happening before i ever did any modding to my phone abd still is happening with the mods... help

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    I was having similar problems with my jail broken and unlocked (anysim) phone with 1.1.1. Today I took summerboard off of my phone and it seemed to clear the problem. It also seemed to make my phone more responsive and crash less. Hope it helps

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    I'm having a similar problem but more pervasive. Perhaps it's hardware related like yours seems to be. Look here:

    Oh yeah, the summerboard dim background (which is the culprit giving crashes) doesn't do anything for me. Still the same problem.
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    Default Same Problem just started happening
    I just started having the same problem starting yesterday. I have a jailbroke 1.1.1 and have had summerboard (with screendimming off) on the phone since 1.1.1 was initially jailbroke. Now, most of the time, the touchscreen (when I go to unlock) or enter my passcode is unresponsive. I have to turn the screen off (button on top) and back on; then it works fine. I did install sysinfo on Thursday, but uninstalled it and am having the same problem. Anyone found a cause .... or solution?


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