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Thread: Metallic iPhone case causing bad reception and low Wifi signal?

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    Default Metallic iPhone case causing bad reception and low Wifi signal?
    Hi All,

    I recently got a new case for my iPhone which is plastic but has a metallic finish, a shiny chrome. I have noticed I have been dropping calls lately and my Wifi signal is pretty weak. Iím on an OTB 1.1.2 phone that I broke with iPlus 2.0.
    Would the metal finish of the case cause this lack of signals?

    Just curious.

    J in C

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    Well you find out yourself. Take it off, see if it improves, put it back on, see if it worsens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregTheWang View Post
    Well you find out yourself. Take it off, see if it improves, put it back on, see if it worsens.
    Thats the first thing I would have done, before making a thread.

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    Well, as you can see on the iphone the area where the antenna is is on the bottom and is covered in plastic rather than the brushed metal above it.

    This is because waves have a hard time going through metal.

    So if you can confirm that the metallic finish is metal or has metal properties you can be 100% sure that that is what is causing the problem.

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    I bought a case as well from dealsniper darius series limited edition silver claims to be titanium plated. i did notice ever since i put the case on driving through spots that normally have 1-2 bars i get dropped now. i can't carry on a conversation through different cities because it drops reception on me.

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    oh really? i heard this news before i got a blue darius case from them. last week, my blue case arrived, i'm from south korea, but don't have such signal problem as yours.

    i tried to put sm metal nearby like steel ruler or a coin near the antenna but nth happens to my signal & it doesn't go weak, until i put a magnet near my phone(i know it is risky, just to make sure their case won't have any bad effects on my network~)

    Except of taking risks using the magnet for testing, i've tried many metals & really do not have the signal problem at all! Maybe it's the problem of the network in your country?
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    well i purchased this case from silver darius series limited edition case. in less than two weeks the case bottom left and right corners start cracking. i've never dropped the phone with the case. i normally get full reception at home with 5 bars but with the case on i get 1-3 bars. i take off the case i get my 5 bars again. snap case back on i get anywhere from 1-3 bars. it has something to do with the titanium or metallic coating. my sisters case darius series as well different color not silver i just looked at her darius case phone corners started cracking as well. i think the molding is too tight for this case. a friend has the more collection series and it's very easy to snap on and off. this darius series is very had to snap on and off. if you drive around with the case on spots you normally get 1-2 bars of reception you will most likely get dropped because you will get no reception.
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    This is true, I have a More semi-metalic case I was constantly loosing wifi and cell signal. I remove the case and gain my full signal, I put the case back on the phone the signal goes in and out.

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    Angry PS Air Jacket iPhone 3GS Titanium case - screws reception!
    I got a PS Air Jacket iPhone 3GS Titanium case from an Apple store for my shiny new 3GS and it badly affects reception (on Orange). I'll be taking it back to Apple for a refund - it cost £30!!!

    Anyone else had/have this problem?



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