Ok, my friend jailbroken his iPhone with ZiPhone 3.0 and had been installing apps for about 2 weeks, until it started to lock up and freeze a bunch of times, and not knowing what he was doing, asked it i could fix it.

And now im kind of stuck on restoring this thing. When i connected it to the computer, the apple logo showed up and about 15 seconds later, the whole phone shuts off, and when you go to turn it back on, 15 seconds later it shuts off, while still plugged into the computer. so i am able to put it into restore mode with the image of plugging it into iTunes, where i tryed to restore it back to 1.1.4. it downloaded the software, and all that, and then iTunes went to extract it, it extracted and then it went onto the step "Preparing iPhone to restore". well when it does this, the iPhone goes back to the apple logo and 15 seconds later; shuts off. then while iTunes is "Preparing iPhone to restore" it pulls an error saying that it couldnt restore with error 1604 .. So i put the iPhone into DFU mode using iLiberty+, it went into DFU with the connect to iTunes and a red background, instead of black. i tried to restore it again, it does the same thing "Preparing iPhone to restore" and then instead of the iPhone showing the apple logo; it abruptly shuts off, but this time iTunes pulls an error 1611 ..

How do i restore this?
Im new to hacking the iPhone, ive been researching a lot while thinking on hacking my iTouch. But, what do i do?