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Thread: Serious, difficult, and interesting problem for experts: "Unhacking" without itunes?!

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    Default Serious, difficult, and interesting problem for experts: "Unhacking" without itunes?!
    Ok, so first of all, I have done some searching on these forums and on Google, and have not found a good answer to my questions or a solution to my problem. Second, I am not a "n00b"; I do have some technical skills and knowledge. Third, I do not check the email associated with my account here, so if you PM or email me, post something here to let me know or I probably won't see it.

    Ok, with that out of the way, my problem: I have a 1.1.3 8GB iPhone that is jailbroken with several apps, but not unlocked (using ATT&T and stock SIM). Somehow, the iPhone fell off of my bed about 3 feet onto a wooden floor while I was using it on speakerphone.

    The drop did not seem particularly bad; there are no cracks or scratches on the phone and the call continued, however, I could no longer hear anything out of the external speakers, and my microphone was also no longer working. After turning the phone on and off a couple of times, and doing a few tests to be sure the problem wasn't a fluke, I also discovered that the "home" button (the one button on the face of the phone) and the USB/charging port on the phone also no longer worked. All 4 of these physical features of the phone are in the same area towards the "bottom", and obviously, when the phone hit the floor either a wire, trace, or some other type of connection must've been knocked loose. All of the other features of the phone continue to work; I can surf the internet, text, connect to wifi, make and accept calls (except no one can hear me and I can't use speakerphone), etc (the additional annoyance is that anytime I want to exit back to the springboard, I have to turn the phone off and then back on since the home button no longer works). Also, finally, as the USB/charging port no longer works, I cannot charge the phone.

    I am hoping that this will be covered by Apple's 1-year warranty as a "hardware defect" (obviously I am not going to tell them it was dropped; it certainly doesn't look like it and hopefully they have no other way of knowing). The real problem is that as the phone is jailbroken, and I'm sure Apple would use this as a convenient excuse to void the warranty.

    So, my first question is: How can Apple tell if an iPhone has been jailbroken (other than seeing the apps - those are easy to remove)? Is there something in the firmware version string or any other identifying value in the settings that can tell them that a phone is jailbroken?

    My second question is: How can I "unhack" the iPhone (as completely as possible) WITHOUT using iTunes or any sort of USB connection to a computer? Also, I do not necessarily want to "virginize" the phone; I do not want to de-activate it. When Apple sees the phone, it must seem like I've been using it as a normal, non-jailbroken phone.

    What I've been thinking of is that I can use to remove all of the apps and itself (installer), and can use SSH to remove all related files (in case Apple browses the disk). Of course, I probably need to use SSH first if SSH will be removed by uninstalling installer and the rest of the apps. I may also want to remove some of my "questionable" ringtones and music, which I'm assuming can also be done via SSH. I am, however, concerned that I may leave something behind that will let Apple know the phone was jailbroken (hence the first question). Is there an "easy" (easier/more thorough/better) way to do this?

    Some items to keep in mind as you think of solutions/answers:
    1) NO USB (the port doesn't work)
    2) Limited battery life (probably about 50% left, hopefully at least a couple of hours, but anything thats going to take 4 or 5+ hours probably won't work)
    3) I only have ONE chance, so this must be a very thorough and error-free process (once I remove installer, I have no way of getting it back)

    Finally, I'm sorry that this post is so long, but I felt it was necessary to describe all aspects of my problem. Hopefully some of you out there do find this type of challenge interesting, I know I do (though I wish my $400 investment wasn't riding on it). Also, I would normally never ask for help; I'm almost always able to solve these kinds of problems through my own searching, but, again, $400 investment and I only have one chance to get this right. I am open to any and all (intelligent) suggestions. If you have any questions about the versions, apps, or anything else on my phone, I will be more than happy to answer.

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    First off I'm sorry that I cannot answer your question, I would just like to add that I am in the same boat, my USB port is not working and I want to take all the jailbreak "stuff" off of my phone. So if anyone could help us I would greatly appreciate it.

    My story goes, I woke up this morning and I had accidentally spilled a cup of water on my nightstand, it soaked everything, luckily my phone was on the dock, so it didn't get the phone, but the dock may have sucked up some water because now my usb port does not work.

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    Uninstall your themes, etc with installer and you could then use SSH and delete all apps, one by one, including installer (right at the very end) so by first glance, it will look like its stock.
    I seriously doubt Apple will browse the filesystem. Apple could check your bootloader version, to see if you used ZiPhone, but you didn't unlock so you should be fine.

    Reset all settings, including home screen layout so that it looks completely default, and then return it.

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    Thanks for the replies. I ended up just uninstalling all of the apps in, and then removing and through SSH. Finally, I reset the icons, settings, etc. No sign of any jailbreaking from the springboard left...

    I'm taking it to the Apple store tomorrow, so hopefully all goes well.

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    I'll be there Friday, tell me how it goes with yours, hopefully they'll give you another.

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