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Thread: Restore Previous SMS Database?

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    Default Restore Previous SMS Database?
    Today, I had to restore my iPhone due to issues with the new Customize. After doing so, my didn't work anymore so I ended up having to restore a second time and create a new profile in iTunes to make it work again.

    Now, my question is if I can somehow restore my text messages from my old profile with my new. I figured they are probably still stored somewhere on my computer (Mac), so if I knew where they were, perhaps I could copy them to the same folder in my new profile and perhaps get them synced again.

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    WARNING - this is probably a really bad idea for some reason.

    Ok, you can try this method:

    First, find your itunes backup files, on Mac it is something like library/application support/mobilesync/backup. . . Begin drinking heavily.

    If there are several . . . take a good guess. Check the times and dates these were last made, accessed, modified, etc and cross your fingers.

    Download Erica Sadum's mdhelper tool and unzip, drag into the directory of the backup you chose and pray to a variety of deities for help.

    run the mdhelper utility to get the list of options and whatnot. Scratch your head and take a swig of pepto bismol.

    Run the command to extract the information from all files, searching for sms.db. Call ex-girlfriends and sob into the phone.

    Find in that sea of gunk that just got spat out in terminal the "sms.db" file, and note the mdbackup name for it. Curse Steve Jobs in this lifetime and the next five.

    Copy it to the desktop. Station armed guards around it, a mine field and a herd of trained attack geese just in case.

    Now erase the stuff you are pretty sure is the old, no-longer-used backup files. Drag mdhelper into the remaining directory (the newest one, that your iphone is currently syncing with). Weep for the nostalgic days of the Motorola Razr's actually easy to browse filesystem.

    Do steps 4-8 again, cursing and sputtering about how I never actually numbered them in the first place. Count down three or four times to be certain, get different answers, cuss, do it anyway.

    Find the new/current sms.db file. Drag it kicking and screaming into the back seat of a plain unmarked sedan and have it driven off by burly humorless men, never to be seen again. Donate generously to the file's widow and children.

    Drag the old SMS.db file in where the new one was. Tell everyone that it was always like that, and sure the new SMS.db file had an accent just like the old one, didn't you hear it before? You must be slipping. There is nothing to see here, move along . . .

    Cross your fingers.

    Down any remaining booze, even if it has cigarette butts floating in it and it has gone flat.

    Tell your family you love them.

    Write a goodbye note.

    Mail back your netflix.

    Pet your cat longingly . . .

    And sync.

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