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    Hey, new user here with a few questions I'm sure someone here can clarify for me.

    My friends dad will be buying me an iPhone and I will be paying him back as I don't have a credit card, we will be at an apple store, so I can have him purchase it then activate it for me right?

    Second, If I activate the phone right now is there an activation fee? Do I have to pay for anything else on top of the phone when I buy it like a sim card?

    I'm going to be putting it onto a family plan, so its just the line free then the iphone data plan right?

    Also, should I wait until the end of the month to use the iphone plan? If I don't I'm not sure how my sms will be charged as i have 400 and iphone plan is only 200.

    If I use a new iphone sim card or whatever, do I keep my old number?

    Thanks for anything you guys can give me!

    Come Friday I hope to be an avid iPhone owner,

    Also, If I activate it under a new plan do I sign up for a full two year contract? Can I avoid a new two year contract as my current one on my family plan ends in like two months, so not signing up for a new plan would be great?

    If I avoid the contract can I still get iPhone data plan?

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    AT&T won't let you decide when your old plan starts and the new one ends. What they do is pro-rate it. You do get to keep your number with the iPhone sim card. As far as the contract is concerned, regardless of whether or not you are a current AT&T customer, you do still have to sign a two year contract. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to change your plan, you can just add the data.

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