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Thread: Wont' wake up from sleep, latest iTunes??

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    Default Wont' wake up from sleep, latest iTunes??
    my iPhone is 1.0.2 OTB originally, i have since upgraded to 1.1.3 and 1.1.3 has been working fine for the past 2 months. I got a new laptop and I installed the latest iTunes, since then my iPhone when it sleeps will not wake up, the only way for it to wake up is to hard reset it by holding sleep+home for 6 seconds. I have tried to downgrade to 1.1.2, upgrade to 1.1.4 but nothing seems to be able to fix the problem. I also tried to run ziphone -e and ziphone -D with a new restore and it still doesn't work. I really don't want to drop another $400 on a new iPhone, but I really need a phone working. The fact that the phone works perfectly, and if you don't lock it or put it to sleep it doesn't have any problems. I feel it's a software issue rather than hardware, so buying a new iPhone seems kinda stupid.

    I'm PRETTY sure the problem started exactly when I installed the latest itunes on my laptop. Another possible cause is that the iphone went through airport security, but I doubt that is the problem.

    It seems that by installing iMapIdle and turning it on each time you reboot your iphone it will wake up from sleep. there also seems to be another fix at:
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    do you mean you had no problems at all before you installed the iTunes? it could be due to your laptop and iTunes... Well I suggest backing up your computer data and formatting your computer, installing a fresh piece of iTunes from a trusted source not some dodgy looking sites, then use iLiberty+ or winpwn to unlock... don't use ziphone it's kinda ****, I used that although it worked but don't really like it...

    If you don't like the idea of formatting your computer, try to connect to other computer which have no itunes, see what happens.. then install itunes on that computer and see if that helps...

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    Same thing has been happening to my phone. Randomly won't wake up, no new install of iTunes though.
    Still trying to figure out what piece of software messed it up,
    but it might be a hardware problem.
    I think I might restore my phone and see if it still does it.

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    Happens to me once a day.
    I feel your pain man haha... for me it seemed to have started when I updated to 1.1.3. But then again its happened on two of my phones and the only thing I back up is the contacts. So its either something wrong with the backup data or hardware :S

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    I have a similar problem where I would put the iphone into sleep and into my pocket, and after some time passes I would try to press buttons but nothing seems to respond! If I called myself from another phone it would wake itself up, but as soon as the call ends, it would once again go to sleep and not respond to any buttons.

    One way to get out of this is to reset it which is an obvious solution.

    Weirdly I can't find much about this issue.

    Any help please?

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    Make sure you aren't moving your SpringBoard "pages" as you lock your phone. It's that simple =D

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