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Thread: really really need help :-(

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    Default really really need help :-(
    I bought my iphone (1.1.1, unlocked, jailbroken), last december, i live in mexico, juarez so i use a carrier named telcel everything was working fine on my iphone you tube, the email, wi fi, safari, last week a running out of disk space message came out, i just clicked accept and do nothing, yesterday i had a missed call so when i tried to see who called me the phone freezed out, i turned it off and by the time i turned on the wallpaper had changed to the earth image and the theme i had before was no longer there, but the problem is that the phone keeps locking itself and when i unlock it (slide the bar) it gives me like 10 seconds and then it locks again so bassically doesn't let me do anything not even reset it from preferences, so if you could tell what's going on or what to do i really really would appreciated it. Thanks

    thanks Jasonm253 and screamforme02 for the advise (i mean it in a good way your advises worked well untill I screwed it up), i followed a guide to upgrade the firmware to 1.1.3 and everything looked fine untill .... there was a step where you had to use the ibrick software and make it boot the phone and i really don't know what went wrong but now my iphone is showing white lines and then it shuts off and turns back on and show the same white lines like running something and i can't get it to recovery mode so i'm guessing i'm just cursed, so if you can help me again i promisse this time i won't mess it up.
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    restore to 1.1.4 use ziphone and unlock! why are u still 1.1.1

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    1.1.1 was the shiz.. and i would go to 1.1.3 personal pref, and im pretty sure every app works for 1.1.3/ pwn that bad boy man and use a custom firware file so u can have all ur apps when its done. just my opinion.
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