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Thread: You Tube not working at home...

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    Default You Tube not working at home...
    Hi all, I'm new here...

    On my iPhone (1.0.2), You Tube works fine at my office, but not at home. I've done the three file replacement.

    The phone is connected to the home WiFi network, which is set up with DHCP and no security. The router is a Belkin N1. At the office its a different router, but with security enabled.

    Here, the iphone just says 'can't connect to You Tube' or some such.

    But you know, I'm not at all sure that the WiFi is working at all, Safari works but maybe thats using the EDGE?

    Can anyone suggest some things I could test, and maybe why it might not be working at home here?


    Andy, Waterford, Ireland. On Vodafone.

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    You can see if WIFI is working by checking if you se a dot with stripes above it on the place where the edge E normally is.

    If the E is gone, you are on wifi.
    Maybe setting the WIFI up to have a static IP adress can solve your problems.

    Just check your computer (I assume its windows):
    in the box type "cmd"
    in the cmd window (black and old looking) type ipconfig

    This will show your machines IP adress your router gave it.
    On the iPhone in WIFI settings select static IP and copy the stuff that your computer has except for the last 2 digits.
    So if your machine has 192.*.***.102, make your iPhone 192.*.***.110

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the advice, now have a static IP on the phone.

    The WiFi symbol is on, and Google is working pretty quickly so I assume its using the network.

    But I still get 'cannot connect to YouTube'!



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    same here...i cant connect to youtube on WIFI....

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    Were you able to fix Youtube on WIFI issue ? I am able to get youtube on EDGE but it gives "Cannot open YouTube" error on WIFI.

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