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Thread: Iphone Not Working Properly

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    Default Iphone Not Working Properly
    ok, i've just brought the iphone 16gb about 2 weeks ago with 1.1.4 and some apps and the installer already installed. jailbroken and unlocked.

    Since then, have added music and movies to ipod and everything has been great since.

    Until today, after a hard night out last night ( i dont remember much ) my iphone has been weird.. below is some of whats wrong:

    1. No sound what so ever (even when you press the sleep button, it 'should' make a clicking noise).. ive done some researching, and have tried the earphone jack trick.. but that is not the problem.

    2. some applications dont work anymore.

    3. phone seems to be rather laggy when im accessing some parts of the pone.
    eg. when i go into settings > sounds.. it would take about about 5 or more seconds for the page to load after i click the 'sounds' button. And once in the sounds section, it would be very laggy. If i go into the ringtones page it will lagg again, and NOT preview the sound that you have chosen.

    4. when i go into the ipod mode (movie or music) nothing would happen even if i select a file to play.If i was watching a movie, the screen would just be blank with a loading icon in them middle. If i was listening to music then it would go to the player but wont actually play the song.

    5. when someone calls me, the phone will lagg greatly and using the phone is almost impossible. The buttons show up and asking to answer or not. But if u try to press any button, the phone will freeze until it restarts itself. And if i manage to get the phone to answer the call, I have no sound.

    I have tried reseting all my settings, but that has failed to fix the problem.
    The iphone itself, still seems to be functioning i can use the camera, browse files, play snes (no sound), can still flick through the homepage icons etc etc.

    Can any one help or suggest something. If i restore or reinstall another firmware, will this lock my phone again?

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    . i would just try turnning the phone of and let it sit for a while than turn back on, and see what happens. if you restore you have to start the whole jailbreak proccess over again. its not to hard now a days so that shouldnt be a problem if you have to do that
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    If you can get SSH access, backup all of your applications locally, and restore the phone.

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    whats SSH access?

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    The same thing happened to me!
    what's this earjack trick you spoke of?
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    sometimes if your phone is stuck in earpiece mode, it would stay with no speaker sound. If you plug and remove and fiddle with the earpiece it manages to switch it back to normal speaker on mode etc etc..

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    you had any luck? please share the result

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    i did it!

    Okay, do a soft reset, as you would, with home and sleep/wake keys pressed.
    wait until the apple logo comes up then press and hold down the Sleep/Wake key for 10 seconds, then let it turn on!
    hope this works!
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    nopes.. still not working for me.. followed the soft reset by holding and pressing the 2 buttons... then holding the sleep button again after the logo appears. Phone still has no sound, and still freezes when phone attempts to use sounds.


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    Did you ever use iAmp? That probably is your sound problem. For the lag, tell me, how much of everything is in your phone(example: 5gb music, 2gb vid, 408mb other, ect). If you have a lot of "other." You might want to use "bosstool" to relocate everything to the media partition. This may reduce lagg. If not, you might want to use something to back all the things up in your phone, then restore, use bosstool.

    (simple instruc)
    1) Use a program like Iphone browser to back up stuff (here and here)
    (I really recommend you don't though. Just back up contacts and write down on a piece of paper your installer souces, and apps..)
    2) Next, you want to open up iTunes and hit restore. (if it ask you to back up or anything, click NO)
    3) After thats done, if it ask you to "set up as new phone" or "restore back up..blah blah" choose set up as new phone.
    4)Jailbreak (and activate if needed)
    5)As soon as you jailbreak and you go into installer, install bosstool!
    6)Open up bosstool and relocated everything.
    7) Now all you need to do is put your contacts back in and all your apps and you should be goood! just dont install iAmp..

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    Quite sure the lag wouldnt be due to the current storage capacity.. because before all this problems, i had alot more movies n music n applications, and it was running smoothly. After the problem came about, i deleted nearly everything : movies, most songs, n most random applications.. n kept just the essentials and it still laggs n freezes when im operating the iphone.. (eg. 2gig music, no movies, NES and SNEs installed)

    will try to go over your instructions tonight, now that I found out my ebay seller isnt willing to repair the iphone because it is probably caused by my 3rd party installs? lol x_X

    thanks aiyo for ur help, hope it works!! could you please give me a brief run down on how to jailbreak, and what program and method should i do? ... ilberty+ > ziphone? really am noob to this kinda stuff >_<
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    ok.. finally fixed it... had to restore firmware n jailbreak and activate and reinstall all apps again.. working fine now.. thanks Aiyo for your help!

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