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Thread: No Silent Ringtone? Custom SMS tones?

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    Default No Silent Ringtone? Custom SMS tones?
    I did search for help, so don't rush with the RTFF's! New Iphone owner here, very happy with it so far, but I am surprised there's no silent ringtone. On my old Motorola there were a half dozen contacts that I preferred not to be bothered with and I simply assigned the 'silent' ringtone to them, and when they called they ended up in voicemail without disturbing me.

    I'm mostly happy with the selection of stock ringtones but can't believe they didn't include a 'silent' one. I don't mind paying for one via Itunes but evidently the ringtones there are all songs, not conventional ringtones.

    I don't really want to go and hack the Iphone, but would be very eager to hear from anyone who has found a solution to this problem.

    On a similar note, I could set up the old Moto phone with customized ring tones for incoming text mesages (one tone for wife, another different tone for the kids, etc.). I just don't see this feature here and wonder if you guys think this may be a candidate for future upgrades.

    BTW I'm using 1.1.1, just got the phone this weekend.

    Thanks so much to anyone who can help, and sorry for the long post.

    OK. To follow up on this, I found a song in Itunes called Silence by Guster, it is eligible for ringtone use, and d/l'd and installed it - easy as pie. And it works, too. When anyone calls me that I've set the silence ringtone for, I don't hear it and they go to voice mail. Awsome!

    Now if I could only assign specific ring tones to incoming text message senders . . .
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    I was looking for a similar thing like this to "block" someone who kept calling me.

    But I'm not about to pay money to Apple for a silent ringtone.
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    I am of the strong opinion that Apple could and should have included a silent ringtone along with all the others on this phone (a few other generic tones would have been nice, too), but to me it was well worth the two bucks for this, as there are a handful of people that I just never answer. The voice mail listing really helps out here, too - DELETE the buggers!

    Honestly though, this being locked in to one alert for all incoming text messages regardless of sender is archaic.

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    wow - purchasing a silent ring tone. Apple did it again!! yoks!

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    Hi you can set up personal ringtones for callers ie one for wife different for kids etc etc, But asfar as I am concerned it is the total lack of various text tones AND the facility to use a different one as you can with the ringtones for different individuals, I am sure it must be possible

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    i choped 2 seconds of silence at the end of a song and made it a ringtone
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