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Thread: no IMEI or Firmware version number

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    Question no IMEI or Firmware version number

    i see lots of requests for help but this is new - so maybe more interesting....

    - i have been given a mates iPhone with the possibility of keeping it if i can get it working.
    - it was jailbroken/unlocked using anySim by an ex-workmate of his who is out of the picture now.
    - it was working with an optus sim last week, then he changed computers and put in a vodaphone sim
    -he may have run anysim again (on the phone) but he's not sure

    current state:
    - iphone is working with and without a sim in it - ie. i can access photos, and other programs - calls/sms don't work (with sim in), wifi works.
    - iphone has 3rd party apps on it (i want to wipe these too)

    - when i type *3001#12345#* and look at the versions my firmware field is blank - in the settings|general|about it says firmware 1.0.2

    - when i go to settings|general|about there is no IMEI field.

    i am hoping to re-virginize and then jailbreak with iDemocracy - any ideas on how to go ahead?

    i'm on windowsXP


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    Do a restore of 1.0.2 through itunes then your gonna have to reunlock it
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    how do i do this without upgrading to 1.1.1 and bricking the phone?

    i've got iTunes, no iPhone has been connected to this PC ever.


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    you need to download fw 1.0.2 and when u plug in the iphone click shift+restore. you then choose the fw1.0.2 and it should restore. if you get an error, download ibrickr and of can boot your phone to the activation screen. you then are free to unlock and mod if u wish to.

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    Download this file and save it to somewhere.
    Plug in your iPhone.
    Go to iTunes and click on the Restore button while holding down SHIFT. Then choose the file you downloaded and it will restore 1.0.2.
    If it encounters errors while restoring, try holding down Sleep and Home until the iPhone screen blanks. Then let go of Sleep but keep holding Home and wait for your computer to recognize the iPhone in recovery mode (should take about 20 sec). The iPhone will be recognized by iTunes as in recovery mode but the iPhone screen will still be blank. Then try the restore method above again.
    Once you're in a restored 1.0.2 you may get an error and be stuck in "yellow-triangle" limbo. If that happens, run AppTappInstaller.exe from the website and it will force you back to the Activation screen.

    I'm not sure of the 1.0.2 downgrade/restore method will work on an unlocked iPhone (it may brick -- I have no experience with this). Have you tried the revirginization method for 1.0.2 yet? It may work without an IMEI... I have no idea how unlocking works (I'm a genuine AT&T customer).

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