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Thread: Can't Remove Wallpaper

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    Default Can't Remove Wallpaper
    Hi, I recently downloaded the wallpaper app from the Featurd tab on installer, and even though i have removed and changed my wallpaper, the first wallpaper i set in the app won't go away. ive tried resetting/restarting the iphone AND uninstalling the wallpaper app.

    what else can i do?

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    Do you mean vWallpaper? the one that plays the movies on your springboard?

    Just trying to get a better idea exactly what the problem is.
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    no its just the Wallpaper application that lets you view everyone elses wallpaper and save it to a gallery.

    It's on the featured tab of installer

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    Default Could it be
    Have you gone to the SMBprefs? Summerboard Perferences? Just go and turn off Theme Wallpaper.


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    the wallpaper has nothing to with summerboard, i set it thru a separate app called Wallpaper.

    Even restoring won't take it away

    What do Ido?

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    Just tell him how to delete it already . By the way, I am having the same problem. I want to delete some unwanted wallpapers that I saved up in my iphone but don't know how

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    Try SSH into it and delete the picture. Then when you restore set up as a new phone.
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    I have similar problems

    Sometime back I installed Ical of UK Premier League and also a software which was showing latest fixture of the matches when Iphone is on Standby, unfortunately the page has remained of the fixture from last year.

    Now I cant even change to default wallpaper or the wallpapers supplied by Apple.

    Can someone help me please remove this wallpaper sort of , of expired fixture.

    Does not update with calendar or Ical anymore and its stuck from August 2007 fixture.

    Please help


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