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Thread: how to back up contacts in the iPhone

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    It's simple for the JB phone, got to var/mobile/Library/SMS and copy sms.db for sms and to var/mobile/Library/AddressBook and copy AddressBook.sqlitedb for the phonebook.

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    Default Best way
    The way I have it, comingfrom android, I added a mail exchangeto my google account so when ever I add a new calendar entry, add someone to my phonebook or anything like that it automatically gets updated to my google account, this allows me to do all my contacts and important info cross platform should I ever get a windows 7 or android phone, I never lose anything

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    Use gmail. Set up your gmail as an Exchange account on your iphone. Select 'contact' sync. Then you can manage the contacts on your phone or computer. They backup instantly, even as you add new contacts.

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    Hi I am interested in a way to back up iPhone contacts directly to the PC - no iCloud, iTunes or email needed - it would be best if there is no sending of contacts online. I am computer illiterate and have made the mistake of buying an iPhone. I know the very basics of operating a mobile phone and even creating and adding contacts to my iPhone but i simply want to keep my iPhone contacts on my PC to be on the safe side. Thanks for your ideas.

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    Hi ... take a look here: iTwin or go here: Homepage

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    The following article describes three ways to sync iPhone contacts one of which indeed, does not involve online sync or iTunes in order to back up your contacts to your computer.

    I found it helpful as I am also not a fan of online syncing and prefer keeping a hard-copy backup of my iPhone contacts. I have used email contact sync via Exchange in the past only to find that the contacts themselves are never really kept on the iPhone but exist more like carbon copies (or shortcuts) in the iPhone Contacts app. Therefore, in your case it is good you have created the contacts on your iPhone already, and are trying to back them up locally on your PC.
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    Hey guys

    I just saw this thread in which you are talking about iPhone contacts backup. There is a very best and secure app "Contacts Guard Pro" which can backup your contacts to their online secure cloud server as well as you can make groups, add location to your contacts and send you contacts backup to your email. Here is the link of that app.
    Contacts Guard Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store


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    Thumbs up Contacts Guard - Backup your contacts to CLOUD SERVER, EMAIL & SMS
    Quote Originally Posted by heavens_blade View Post
    guys i'm just new here so forgive me if i'm asking a dumb question but how do I back up the files in my iPhone (contacts,addresses,numbers,etc.) since I entered it manually.need help
    There is a new app in the Apple's App Market who is offering a variety of functions in a single app. Contacts Guard is the name of the app which can backup all your contacts to CLOUD SERVER, EMAIL or SMS. Not only this, in this app you can create contacts groups and send group sms, also when you add any contact to this app, it will save your current location to show you that where were you when you added that contact. By paying only $1.99 you will get unlimited usage with unlimited space. CHEAP... isn't it? Here are the links:

    Contacts Guard Lite (Free Version)

    Contacts Guard Pro ($1.99)

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    Default iCloud
    iCloud allows you do it free. Else, go for paid third party tools to backup iPhone contacts to computer as a csv, text and html format.

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    Learned a lot here,good post...

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    When you plug your device into your computer and open iTunes it will bring it up in the initial set-up and ask you what you want to sync with in drop down menus. If you have already done your initial setup I believe you can specify by clicking your device and in the 2nd tab it shows the email accounts, contacts, calendars, etc that are syncing and you can specify there. Forgive me, just going off of memory, I don't have iTunes on my main work computer.
    And I share you a column about how to backup contacts. This has worked perfectly for me everytime I've tried it.
    Hope it can do you a favor.
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