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Thread: [HELP]this accessory is not made to work with iphone

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    Default [HELP]this accessory is not made to work with iphone
    Every 1-3 min. i getting information ,, this accessory is not made to work with iphone '' ,, Would you like to turn on airplane mode ....(...)''
    If i listening music and this box appear i need to plug out and plug in again my head phones because music is not playing.
    I tried to Reset seetings, install everything again (by itunes). And same sh**
    I have Iphone 8GB
    Unlocked using: ZipPhone (Or something like this :P)
    My phone is working in T-Mobile (USA)
    Soft: 1.1.4

    My second problem:
    Sometime i have music and sound in my phone, sometimes no... Why?


    Ps. Sorry for my english
    Ps2. My iPhone have broken touch screen (not so much) everything working etc. I think this problem is not caused by this screen?

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    Try to do a full DFU restore (in ZiPhone use boot in DFU Mode) and the restore in iTunes. See if that helps.

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    Usually that message comes up when you plug an accessory that has not been designed to shield the natural RF interference your phone makes when either it polls the cell tower or fetches email in the background.
    It is not imperative to follow the suggestion, though you may occasionally hear some weird noises through the speakers.

    If you are constantly getting this notification, the accessory may coming loose sporadically or conflicting too much with your iPhone.
    I doubt it has anything to do with your unlocking it.

    With regards to the audio coming out or not from the built in speakers of the phone:
    Often some earphone plugs may not entirely conform to Apple's standards and when removed the iPhone's hardware does not entirely recognize the removal consequently not channeling the audio through the built in speakers.
    This is often solved by quickly inserting and removing the plug of your earphones from the iPhone.

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    Same ****, it happens every 2 min.
    My MP3 Player doesn't work wit speakers just with earphones.
    But when somebody calling me i hear music what i set for ringtone but i have no TEXT MSG tone just vibrate.

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    Plug your accessory in while respringing (the temporary spinning wheel)

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    same Thing happens to be but It only happens once then doesn't show anymore the iPhone does it due to it being an phone and iPod the radio signal messes up the song like static but it don't really due to the phone fading the song before the call comes in but that's with mines and I got Emerson research iPod/CD/radio so mines work perfectly lol but once the thing pops up I just say no so I can still get calls.....but like I said I only get it once

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