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Thread: What would you do with a new iphone

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    Default What would you do with a new iphone
    As you can see or about to find out I'm new to this forum and the Iphone as well. I have been reading here and other forums for a while and i have a couple of questions for those who have been around.
    In about 2 weeks me and my wife are getting two Iphones. What would you do knowing waht you know right now?
    I live in the US. For service go with at&t ot T-mobile?
    If T-mobile why (save money, better service).
    Unlock, Activate, Jaibreak? I do want to be able to use other apps.
    Like I said for those who have their Iphone for a while what would you do with a brand new one today.
    All your help is appreciated.

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    Well let me be the first one to welcome you to the forums. One unwritten rule around here is that you should try to do a search of the forums for the answer of a particular question you might have. However, this question seems very general, so I'll fill ya in real quick

    AT&T has better service, and it's only 20 dollars a month adding it to a family plan. If you would want to add it to a T-Mobile service plan, you will have to unlock the phone, allowing it to use other SIM cards than the AT&T one that comes in it.

    To get the cool apps and stuff, you will have to jailbreak. Jailbreak simply means allowing hte phone to work 3rd party apps. This will void the warranty, but a quick restore will erase all traces of this ever happening.

    Honestly, if you can, you should wait until June to buy an iPhone. the new 2nd generation iphone will come out. IT has a fwe more features, and the price will drop to 199. Click on thanks if i helped ya out.

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    definetly jailbreak thats what i did. also get a good list of sources to add to installer so you have a wider range of apps you can install. customize is a must, so u can make ur phone diffrent, themes wallpapers ext. i really like the sega emulator and game boy advanced. and the pianist app is really cool, its a simple little piano very fun to show ppl what u can do with ur phone. those are some of my favs. hope this helps and enjoy the iphone life
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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