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Thread: My 3G iPhone Mockup

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    Default My 3G iPhone Mockup

    iPhone with 3G Capabilities.
    Unlocked to any network.
    5 Megapixel camera.
    Slightly smaller than previous model, has 2.8" screen, and is also slightly
    thicker. It has a matte black case, and the edges are similar to the iPod
    touch with no chrome. Sold for around $500

    do you like?

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    what is this ...????

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    would be nice exept for the screen size (i like it bigger :P)

    but nice one man :P

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    Haha. its the retarded brother of the iphone(the fat one) but nice job on the editing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marwantayan View Post
    what is this ...????
    Are you joking?

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    You never know. Apple could switch (again) from a sleek to a more 'fatter' gadget if that's the right word. (iPod Nano 2g to 3gen!)

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    No offense but i would be sad if this was the iphone
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    ok, people need to realize. the screen is staying 3.5" and is NOT, i repeat, NOTTTTTTTTTTT getting smaller.

    if you think that, then you should just wake up cuase it's not happening.

    why? well just because if it does become 'one icon smaller' then EACH AND EVERY APP FOR THE IPHONE will need to be REMADE. also, apple would need to release 2 different firmwares, one for the smaller iPhone and one for the bigger one.

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