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Thread: i think my iphone got a virus, help

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    Default i think my iphone got a virus, help
    hhi there to all, i was downloading a theme for my summerboard, when it was almost done with the file it gave me an error, so tried to download again, and got the same error, so i hit the home screen button, and my phone froze, so idid a soft resset, by holdint the home screen, and power button, my phone restarted, got the apple load icon, and the sscreen started flickering, i also have ants app, and all the ants starting comming out in a line, with the screen flickering, finnaly whent to the home screen, and the little loading circle was poping out realy fast, i can not open any apps at all, any sugestions, just to let you know the summer board themes were mermaid, thats the one that caused this propbblem, than you all in advance for your responses. ps, i have to time it well just to turn of my phone also, or eles it wil go to the loading circle icon. and go back to the main screen. i have 1.2 on the tmobile network, i have had the phone for about 3 months with no probblems.

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    someone posted almost the same story on everythingiphone the other day except they said they had a worm coming out of their apple. the flashing and other details were similar. no one ther believed him. was it you?

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    Some things by certain 3rd Party communities are buggy in 1.1.1. This happened to me as well when I was downloading a theme for iSwitcher. The only thing to do is to restore and jailbreak again. I don't think it is a virus. The two just don't play well.

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    Thanks For The Advices Guys, And No It Was Not Me Posting That On Anoteher Site, When I Restore It, Will It Go To The First Version, Or The New 1.1?

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    its hightymes source its not working right with the new installers ,,3.0b7 and 3.0b8..not a virus...

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    wow the community is harsh, anyways thanks to the other guy who replied with something usefull.

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    had the same problem, wanted to install the same theme from iswitcher...tried hard reset several times to no avail...ended up restoring to factory setting then went the whole process of jailbreaking, activating, unlocking....the whole nine yard.
    Good Luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezlnh8u View Post
    wow the community is harsh, anyways thanks to the other guy who replied with something usefull.
    i wasnt trying to be harsh if you thought i was. i simply was stating i read someone else had a similar problem. im the last person that is going to be harsh.

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    well i tried all the methods, but when i conect my phone to the pc, it says usb unrecognised, i cant even get the phone to come up on itunes, need help.

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    i just got in the same boat as you. But i installed ants and when i ran it the screen froze in the settings of the ants app. Unlocked 1.0.2 iphone. I did the home button and power button to reset now all i get is the apple at start up and nothing else. Any help would b appreciated

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    ...just happened to me - spent about 3hrs trying to get it to the restore state in itunes - finally did it by holding both sleep button and home and then letting go of the sleep after 10seconds - this worked and I now have to install all my apps again (also lost all my ToDos as they do not back-up).

    and yeah, it definatly is that source.

    -good luck.

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