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Thread: Just got the iphone

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    Default Just got the iphone
    And i am sorry that i will be annoying people but i tried to so a search and i didn't find what i was looking for. Sorry.

    As i was saying, i just bought an iphone last night, got it from my sis' bf. I live in Mexico so it is one of those jailbrake, unlocked thing.
    Now, i tried to unlock one but didn't have any luck, it was back in dec 07, so i kinda have an idea about how things work.
    The phone says it is version 1.1.4 and everything works great etc, i have that INSTALLER icon in the screen and all (i am assuming that is a given so excuse my stupidity) now the thing is what is it for???
    I know i am not supposed to update my iphone when i connect it to itunes but now i get a "there is a new version of installer (v3.01)", should i install that, is that ok, will it brick my phone????
    The thing is that i wanna get the Snapture application, hate that the camera functions are so lame and i wanna know if i will f'ed up my phone if i install the new version, etc.

    Sorry for this long thread but as i said, new to this. Hope i kinda made sense.

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    Installer updates are fine. No problems
    Its iTunes firmware updates you want to watch out for.
    Just check in here first, if and when iTunes tells you there's an update.
    Sorry for the short answer.

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    Hey man, thanks a lot, that is helping, so i will just update the installer hehe

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