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Thread: questions about modding my iphone.

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    Default questions about modding my iphone.
    Hey guys i got my iphone not too long ago and i cant wait to mod it so i can make this thing so much better and more enjoyable, i just have a few basic questions for you guys that shouldn't take to long for you guys to answer:

    1. i must say first off, that im scared to death to modify the phone will it void my warranty?

    2. can any modding, installed apps, ring tones and stuff be easily and quickly removed in case i screw something up?

    3. if my phone is modded, and itunes asks me to update the phone to a new firmware/version, will this do any harm to the phone? or will i have to unmod the phone to upgrade it?

    4. is the modding process simple? just a program that unlocks the phone and allows me to upload apps? or do i need 3 or 4 programs to do everything i want ?

    5. if i chose to go through with it and mod the phone, what are some cool usefull/useless mods that you guys really like?

    Thanks in advance everyone


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    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. You will need to wait to update until the Devs have a chance to make sure its safe. About 1 week
    4. One application unlocks, jailbreaks and adds Installer. Installer lets you install apps to the iPhone.
    5. Wow, Thats up to you and what you think is cool
    Check here

    6. Welcome to MMi

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    how will the devs inform me that its safe?

    if i want to re-lock, un-jailbreak, and remove apps, is an "Itunes restore" all i need to do that?

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    Not just you, but all 200,000 + members on this site.
    Chances are we'll know about any updates before you.
    So definitely check here if you have Any questions or concerns

    Some applications used to jailbreak and unlock have a refurbish button
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    and my final question what program do you recommend that will allow me to jailbreak the phone and install apps on my iphone quickly easily with many features and options?

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