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Thread: Iphone 2? shocking

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    Default Iphone 2? shocking
    so today i got home and my girlfriend sayed her brother bought an iphone today as she hadned me a phone that looked similar to an iphone and even had the apple logo with apple on the back i being an iphone owner was shocked and thought apple released the iphone 2 without me knowing as i preceded to check the phone out i relized it was very cheap i laughed as i realized this was no iphone it was a fake and i was going to take pictures to show you but someone has already made a youtube of it check it out. hope he didnt pay to much!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Fake Cool Iphone From china[/ame]

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    It sure is a horrid looking fake! The start up sound is of Windows :-P

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    Ive seen a few of those on ebay. There not so cheap for a knock off lol.

    I bet a few have been scammed on ebay

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    yep tphone,or A.K.A the gayphone!!!

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    Has some practical ideas though...I wouldn't mind the iphone shipped unlocked w/ 2 sim slots, an easily accessable battery, and a memory card slot along with the built in dedicated memory, on the new upgrade.

    Now I am wondering if that phone can be hacked to use apples software, that would be dope...
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    but it doesnt have the class of the iphone lol

    that pen just looks nasty

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    Haha. I used one of these the other day. They are awful in every way imaginable. The one i used was white, bit shorter than the iphone, but a lot fatter, but otherwise the same as the one in the video. My pal paid £100 ($200), I told him to take it back.

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    I recalled it being referred to as the "iphone clone" and "cept 16**"

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    I've used one.
    It records video
    But everything else sucks.

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    the t stands for turd. lol what crap. I dont understand how apple doesnt sue the people making the all these clones.

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