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Thread: 1.1.3 iPhone Stuck in Boot after applying theme

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    Default 1.1.3 iPhone Stuck in Boot after applying theme
    Iv read all around before posting this, and iv goten many solutions but none have worked. My situation is that i applied a theme to my iphone with customize 2.0 and then it softrebooted and the theme wasnt applied and since i turned off summerboard in settings in customize 2.0 it says u must restart ur iphone, so i did and now its stuck in the bootlogo. i have SSH'd it and recopied M68AP.plist file and made it 0755 permision and still stuck in boot. one thing i noticed is that after it bit it the computer recodnizes it and pops up the little box that says camera detected and it vibrates a few times. but i still see the apple logo, im sure its a springboard problem and its just a bad file or somthing. Any suggestions i need to go to school and my phone is like this i wana fix this ASAP

    ** in iBrikr when i connect the phone it says my phone is fine (red) and says i can boot it when i have it in restore mode.

    ** also please dont recommend doing a full restore on iTunes or anything because thats my last option i really really dont want to do that.

    * and iv also just tried running "do it all" on Ziphone 3.0 didnt do anything still stuck.

    i have an idea can some 1 please upload a copy of folder under system\library\coreservices\ i cant find that on the net and i would like to reinstall that folder and try that.
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    Unfortunetly you will most likely have to restore. Customize 2.0 is still in BETA and I have been testing it since Alpha. The single biggest problem is the SWOD (spinning wheel of death) and springboard bugs. I probly restored 15-20 times as a result.

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    cant i use SSH and remove customize 2.0 and fix a plist file to load up springboard?

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    he said he used nano to edit the file, im on windows XP how can i edit that plist file and what exactly do i do, he said somthing about ctr+k then adding that text is that it?

    okay screw it im gona restore, so i just put it in restore mode holding power etc... then go in iTunes restore manualy to 1.1.3...

    * i get (1015) error
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